Our Company’s DNA has been passed down for over 100 years since our founding

Corporate Mission

Contribute to Society Through Our Business Activities

Corporate Value


Value-Adding Trading Company

Takashima Group’s “Value-Adding Trading Company” Business Model

What is a Value-Adding Trading Company?

Rather than pursuing wide market expansion, we focus on pursuing customer value in our target market. A trading company that picks up on customer needs and provides customers with the functions and solutions that they truly need, thereby creating high added value and achieving high profitability as a result.


Takashima's Business

As an “advanced sustainability-focused trading company,” we provide solutions with energy saving and labor saving to our strategic fields.

Enhance expertise and deliver valuable functionality unique to Takashima



Construction Supply Business

The Construction Supply Business, which consists of the Company and six Group companies*, handles a variety of products related to construction and building. These include wall materials, piles, insulation materials, solar panel related products, and interior materials for residential and large/non-residential buildings. For these products we have established a nationwide sales and construction network, and offer a wide range of solutions to customers, from planning and design to construction.


*Rest Corporation

  New Energy Distribution System Inc.

  Gansui Corporation

  Naruto-SP Industries Co., Ltd.

  Doryoku Co., Ltd.

  HIT Engineering Co., Ltd.


Industrial Materials Business

The Industrial Materials Business consists of the Company and five Group companies*, and handles a diverse range of products, including the textile materials that were the founding business of the Company, plastic parts, and functional materials. The Company and its Group companies collaborate in the design, manufacturing, processing, and sales, to provide multiple layers of value to customers.


*Hi-Land Inc.

  CLS Corporation

  TAKCEL Co., Ltd.,

  Takashima Robot Marketing Co., Ltd.

  Sinbou Edix Co., Ltd.


Electronic Devices Business

The Electronic Devices Business is a multinational corporate group headquartered in Hong Kong and conducting business mainly overseas as the iTak Group. The iTak Group has 11 locations in total, including seven* business sites in Japan and overseas and two plants located in Thailand and Vietnam.
The iTak Group works proactively as a single business unit through strong cooperation between each site to cover all of the main countries in Asia. The ability to offer global manufacturing support for customers’ development, production, and purchasing from an office near to their site is one of the characteristics of the iTak Group.


*iTak (International) Limited

  iTak International (Thailand) Limited

  iTak International (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.

  iTak International (Shanghai) Limited

  iTak International (Shenzhen) Limited

  iTak International (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

  iTak International (Japan) Co., Ltd.


History and Evolution of Business Transformation

Reform business fields while responding to society’s demands with the spirit of Progress × Fit

The Company has evolved with the times into “non-textile , a “multifaceted specialized trading company,” and an “advanced sustainability-focused trading company” from its form as a “trading company specializing in textiles” at the time of its establishment.

Trading company specializing in textiles


  • Heavy fabrics(industorial textiles)


  • Industorial materials(plastic products, etc.)
  • Constuction supply
  • Insulation 

Multifaceted  specialized trading company


  • Electoric components
  • Solar energy


  • Construction supply
  • Heavy fabrics
  • Construction equipment
  • Special procurement
  • ICS (Interior Creation Service)
  • Facilities
  • Solar energy 
  • Electornics and devices
  • Industorial material 
  • Lifestyle goods

Advanced sustainability-focused trading company


  • Sustainable system construction supply
  • Customization
  • i-Solutions
  • Brand & fashion


  • Construction supply
  • Industorial materials
  • Electronic devices

Numerical status of our Group



Number of employees

As of March 31, 2023

Listed market

Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market
Listed in May 1949

Ratio of men to women

57 : 43(Consolidated)
as of March 31, 2023

Net sales

79.6 billion yen(Consolidated)
Fiscal year ended March 2023

Consolidated subsidiaries

Domestic11companies / Overseas6companies
※Excluding equity method affiliates


Achieve both continuous growth and contribution to a sustainable society

Since its establishment, the Group has been committed to its corporate mission of "contributing to society through our business activities".
We have long been engaged in business activities with the hope that our group will also develop by benefiting the world by approaching society in a way that is unique to our group, utilizing our original ideas.


We will both achieve continuous growth and contribute to a sustainable society, we will focus on working even harder than we have thus far so that we can become an exciting company to our future employees as well as society in the future.