Construction Supply Business

The Construction Supply Business, which consists of the Company and six Group companies*, handles a variety of products related to construction and building. These include wall materials, piles, insulation materials, solar panel related products, and interior materials for residential and large/non-residential buildings. For these products we have established a nationwide sales and construction network, and offer a wide range of solutions to customers, from planning and design to construction.


*Rest Corporation

  New Energy Distribution System Inc.

  Gansui Corporation

  Naruto-SP Industries Co., Ltd.

  Doryoku Co., Ltd.

  HIT Engineering Co., Ltd.


Industrial Materials Business

The Industrial Materials Business consists of the Company and five Group companies*, and handles a diverse range of products, including the textile materials that were the founding business of the Company, plastic parts, and functional materials. The Company and its Group companies collaborate in the design, manufacturing, processing, and sales, to provide multiple layers of value to customers.


*Hi-Land Inc.

  CLS Corporation

  TAKCEL Co., Ltd.

  Takashima Robot Marketing Co., Ltd.

  Sinbou Edix Co., Ltd.

Electronic Devices Business

The Electronic Devices Business is a multinational corporate group headquartered in Hong Kong and conducting business mainly overseas as the iTak Group. The iTak Group has 11 locations in total, including seven* business sites in Japan and overseas and two plants located in Thailand and Vietnam.


*iTak (International) Limited

  iTak International (Thailand) Limited

  iTak International (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.

  iTak International (Shanghai) Limited

  iTak International (Shenzhen) Limited

  iTak International (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.,

  iTak International (Japan) Co., Ltd.